Training Videos

Duration: Approximately 40 Minutes

5 Training Videos & One Quick Onboarding Quiz Located at the Bottom of The Page

Introduction to Well-Choices

Key Points:

  • Company name: Well-Choices
  • Program name: Holistic Nutrition Therapy
  • Holistic Nutrition Therapy is Goal-Oriented One-on-one Nutrition Counseling.
  • ¬†Holistic Nutrition Therapy is not Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Well-Choices nutritionists do not promote crash or fad diets

Well-Choices Nutritionists and Content

Key Points:

  • All Well-Choices Nutritionists are Nationally Board Certified. Including Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutritionists, and Naturopathic Doctors.
  • Appointments are completed using Google Meet.
  • Standard appointment duration is 30 minutes.
  • Program options:
    • One Appointment per week
    • Two Appointments per month
    • One Appointment per month

The Well-Choices Program

Key Points:

  • All clients have unlimited messaging with their nutritionist between appointments.
  • Well-Choices App needs to be unlocked by the nutritionist during the first appointment.
  • All clients receive personalized dietitian-designed weekly nutrition guidelines via email each Friday for the upcoming week. Current nutrition guidelines are always available in the app.

Staff Affiliate Program & Referring Clients

Key Points:

  • Staff Affiliates receive $20 per client they refer to Well-Choices.
  • SPENGA members receive a complimentary 20 Minute consult with the nutritionist of their choice.¬†
  • SPENGA members receive a $20 e-gift card toward Well-Choices.
  • The best way to refer a client to Well-Choices is to help them schedule their 20-minute consultation.
  • Affiliates can refer Non-SPENGA members as well.

Setting Up Your Staff Affiliate Portal

Key Points:

  • Add your PayPal email to your affiliate account if it is different than the email you used to register your account.
  • Commission can be split between two affiliates.
  • Commissions are always triple-checked for accuracy.
  • Manually adding your referral leads to your account can be helpful but is optional.
  • Payouts are automatically distributed 7th of each month via PayPal.¬†
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